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A blend of storytelling & discussion, reading & writing, creating & acting for change. Using mostly primary sources, students combine historical evidence & their own knowledge to answer a relevant and interesting

Investigation Question (IQ).

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Course Books

A school years’ worth of unit plans!

More than 150 engaging lessons for kids & supports for teachers. Designed to tell a comprehensive story of the past & allow kids to make connections to today.

Lesser price per printed book for bulk orders.

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Pocket Investigations

"Pocket Investigations" are stand-alone lessons or shorter, more basic (but not “basic”) units about high interest, social justice- aligned topics!

Types include Case Studies, Debates, Round Table Discussions, & Interactive Slideshows. All are compatible with Google classroom.

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This interactive “choose your own adventure” inspired slideshow is a student favorite! Kids explore the historic past through storytelling options, & bright, beautiful graphics.

As of now, I have only a few "Virtual Trips for sale" but I am excited to offer more through my Customized Curriculum service!


Coming Soon!