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ethnic studies

ESTE's Ethnic Studies for Middle School Pilot Program is perfect for middle school teachers who have a strong commitment to social justice & racial equity but are new to Ethnic Studies. This program is highly recommended for all middle schools, whether the local high schools have adopted Ethnic Studies as a high school graduation requirement or not. 


  • OURstory Ethnic Studies Course Curriculum 2022-2023​

  • Four digital workshops

  • One on one coaching sessions

  • Feedback opportunities

  • OURstory Ethnic Studies 2023-2024

why is this important?

Ethnic Studies has proven to be beneficial to students of all ethnicities, especially Black & Latinx youth. Although most ES courses are in high school, middle school is the perfect time to introduce kids to their first Ethnic Studies course. 

when is

Open enrollment for the ES 4 MS Pilot Program is from May 1st - July 1st. The program begins on July 16th and lasts throughout the 2022-2023 School Year.

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The ES for MS Pilot Program has various prices depending on whether a teacher needs more or less support. Districts have tiered prices. Find out

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how can i
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