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customized curriculum for educators

For teachers, I can adapt existing ESTE Investigation Units & Pocket Investigations and provide two phone coaching sessions. 

For Schools & Districts, I can create or adapt existing Investigation Units, Virtual Trips, or even design a Course Book for the year.  A "Rebellious History" workshop is an optional add on to support teachers in implementing the curriculum.

& teacher supports


  • This workshop is to support history teachers in decolonizing their practice, teaching "authentic" history, and creating a student-centered learning community.


  • Currently only being offered for teachers enrolled in the Ethnic Studies for MS Pilot Program

ethnic studies for ms pilot program

ESTE's Ethnic Studies for Middle School Pilot Program is perfect for middle school teachers who have a strong commitment to social justice & racial equity but are new to Ethnic Studies. This program is highly recommended for all middle schools, whether the local high schools have adopted Ethnic Studies as a high school graduation requirement or not.