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Lucia is my partner teacher, so I know first hand how great her curriculum is. It’s immediately usable, creative, fun, and most of all, my students love it. There is a huge emphasis on equity and inclusion in her material. Units all follow a predictable structure, complete with great reading strategies and scaffolding for writing. If you’re looking for an alternative to “traditional” Eurocentric history curriculum, this curriculum is inclusive and written from the point of view of a person of color. Absolutely brilliant. - Molly, 7th history teacher

Lucia is an excellent teacher, and was a mentor to me during my first two years of teaching! She’s made a lot of thoughtful resources here, and they are worth checking out!
-Joe, HS History teacher


students of color are...

  • More likely to live in poverty
  • At schools that likely receive less $23 billion less than schools with mostly white students
  • Less likely to have Internet access & /or home computers
  • More likely to be targeted for dress code
  • Less likely to see themselves centered in curriculum
  • More likely to be at a school without counselors but with school police 
  • Less likely to have their intersectional needs met (gender diversity, sexual identity, disability, etc). 

Black male students are...

  • Less likely than white peers to have a teacher who looks like them, are less likely to have access to AP & college-ready courses (only 57% do), and see less positive representation of themselves in curriculum

  • MORE likely than white peers to face implicit bias from staff, 3.8x times more likely to be suspended, 2.3x more likely to be referred to or arrested by a school police officer and 5x more likely to be detained by or sent to juvenile detention centers.