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TEACHER supportS

google classroom cohorts

With a purchase of the academic year-long curriculum, teachers receive access to a Google Drive & Google Classroom in which all units will be uploaded throughout the year. Participation in the Google Classroom is optional, but in that space, teachers can ask questions, connect with others implementing the curriculum, share ideas and student work, etc. Unit walkthrough videos will also be uploaded for ideas and support.

pocket pds

Brief, meaningful self-guided slides of "PD" to support a single educator or an entire school staff. Topics include teaching real & authentic history, decolonized & equitable practices, and building a brave classroom culture that centers student voices! Finally, PD that matters, doesn't cost thousands of dollars, and takes less time than the Starbucks drive through line. 

collaboration & bartering

I am taking this journey in hopes that along the way I can build solidarity with those also committed to building a more socially justice and racially equitable society. I am open to collaboration with like-minded educators & community members, just reach out as I will also be doing :) I am also open to bartering if you are in need of a resource or some freebies & can offer help to this little old, but new, inexperienced business owner!